Minutes_On Season 01 ︎︎︎

We are excited to release season 1 of Minutes_On! We return with three fantastic interviews in a new format.

Mark Bletcher talks to Roman Vaughan-Willams about his drawings process for a diagrammatic drawing ‘The Past-future or a Conscious-Future; Neo-feudalism or Communism; Barbarism or Socialism’ in his solo show The Dead Hold the Living in Their Grasp at the Ex-Libris Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Abi Hampsey talks to Jo Dennis about her painting ‘Boundaries’ and her connection to landscape and material on the last day of her solo show "Absent without leave" at Sid Motion Gallery, London.

Oliver Hoffmeister talks to Andras Nagy-Sandor about his painting process and armour as a motif for his painting ‘Not Yet’ in his solo show at The Room, London.  

The Minutes Team,
Mark, Abi and Oli

    01:01 Roman Vaughan-Willams: The Dead Hold the Living In Their Grasp

    01:02 Jo Dennis: Absent without Leave

    01:03 Andras Nagy-Sandor: Tease