We are excited to announce the return to our ongoing postal project with the release of box 7! This auction features work from Abi Hampsey, Sarah Bellwood, Louis Appleby, Katie Trick, and Dylan Willaims. The group is raising money for Age UK. The auction takes place on our instagram page, click here to follow us. More info below.

The dates of the auctions are as follows:
January 2023
Monday 16th: Abigail Hampsey
Tuesday 17th: Louis Appleby
Wednesday 18th: Sarah Jane Bellwood
Thursday 19th: Dylan Willaims
Friday 20th: Katie Trick

As usual, here are the rules:

Bidding starts at 10am with an ‘auction post’.  To bid, comment on the post with the amount you wish to bid in £GBP. This must be at least £5 higher than the previous offer. DO NOT post this as a reply, but as a new comment. Note: Instagram is slow to update, and this system is not perfect, so get bids in early to avoid disappointment! Don’t delay!

At 8pm if the highest bid has stood for over 5 minutes the bidding is over. However, if the highest bid is less than 5 minutes old, you can still submit a higher offer to win the artwork. If this happens everyone has another 5 minutes to place a higher offer. This continues until the highest bid has stood for over 5 minutes. This system is in place to stop auction sniping by placing winning offers in the final seconds of the auction. We will let you know who wins the bidding and explain how to provide payment.  

40% of sales will go to the chosen charity, 40% to support the artist, and 20% to keep the project running. So if you’re unable to bid, please share to help the project!

Keep it fun and friendly, happy bidding!

The Minutes Team,
Mark, Abi and Oli.