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03:00 Matilda Sutton: Dissolution

Back in August I visted Vane Gallery to talk with Matilda Sutton about her new body of work. We talked about materials, meanings and hair. We talked about cultrual dualisms, and we asked, what are they good for? It was a great converstaion and I’m thankful for both Vane Gallery and Matilda Sutton for helping me make it happen. Enjoy.

Mark Bletcher
Artist and co-founder of Minutes.

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Minutes_On is an artist led project co-founded by Mark Bletcher, Abi Hampsey and Oliver Hoffmeister in 2020 with the aim of building a community though conversations about visual arts. We work with a range of professionals and practitioners in all stages of their careers to host discussions about contemporary visual art in a range of forms.

Minutes_on is funded, organised, and ran entirely by Mark, Abi and Oli. Currently, we take no pay for our time and organise the project around our lives working as artists. All funds from Minutes_Exchange and donations go directly back into keeping the project running, (Website Hosting, Expenses, Fees, Ect).  If you wish to donate, you can follow the link here. A small but regular donation is most helpful to our project.

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As an extension of our project we also run Minutes_Exchange, an artist led postal project with the aim of supporting participating artists, funding the Minutes_On project and raising money for various charities.  Since we started in 2020 we have worked with more than thirty artists to raise over £2000 for a number of charitable causes chosen by the artists, including The Trussell Trust, MS Society, Refuge, and more.

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